Al Gharbiya School for Boys – UAE

Al Gharbiya хөвгүүдийн сургууль – Арабын Нэгдсэн Эмират улс

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Al Gharbia Boys’ School is in Madinat Zayed, U.A.E. The school is located about 100km west of Abu Dhabi in a city known as Madinat Zayed. Our school mission is to ‘produce world-class learners who embody a strong sense of culture and heritage and who are prepared to meet global challenges.

Al Gharbiya SchoolThe grades taught at our school range from Grade 6 to Grade 12. Most students come from farming or camel herding families, and love the desert very much. There are currently 600 boys and 35 teachers, all of which are male. We have three Grade 6 classes for 50 students.

Our school activities include: Ju Jitsu, Football (soccer), Swimming, Art, and Music. When students have spare time, they like to: Race camels, Play with falcons, Camp in the desert, Drink coffee, Eat dates, and Drive 4WD cars over sand dunes.


Our local festival is called the Al Dhafra Camel Festival which feature: Camel races, Camel milking, and a Camel beauty contest. Our celebrations & Religious holidays include: UAE National Day (Dec 2), UAE National Day (Dec 2), Eid Al Adha (Oct 13-17), Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr (Aug 8-10), Prophet’s Birthday (Jan 13), Hijra New Year (Nov 4), and Isra wal Miraj (May 26).