Al Muttahida School for Girls – UAE

Al Muttahida охидын сургууль– Арабын Нэгдсэн Эмират Улс

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Welcome to Al Muttahida School. The school is an all girls school consisting of 517 students of which 299 are in the middle school, and 208 in the high school. We have 1 principle, 2 secretaries, and 52 teachers.

SchoolThe school infirmary has 2 rooms, 1 bathroom and a nurse. The school follow a healthy eating regime during meal times.

School activities include a science club, which selected students can use to learn about anatomy, chemistry and modelling. Students have been working on a ‘Let’s Dream Project’, focusing toward conscious, generation who are developed and coping with the demands of their time, and preserving their values