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Монголын Англи сургууль – Монгол улс

Chat with Bayankhutag School

LogoEnglish school Mongolia exists to provide an education for students living in Mongolia that is genuinely English in style and substance. Our essential background is both innovative and traditional, based on democratic and liberal thinking. We encourage individuals and not a system. A self-starting and true love of learning and scholarship among the students which in turn will generate high academic standards and results.

English School MongoliaAcademically, the three departments of the school are in good stride on the Cambridge-based curriculum, with a healthy supporting Mongolian programme. Progress Reports to parents go out this week, following a variety of evenings across the school in September. The new Biology Lab is well on and should be in commission when we return. In that first week, we also host a consultation visit from the International Baccalaureate, ahead of Accreditation (we hope and expect) in 2015. In preparation for this, a steering committee under Stephen Richfield-Wyatt has met regularly and hosted a Library meeting for all (“What is the IB?”)

School contact: http://esm.edu.mn/en