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logoPortugal is a country of Western Europe, bordering Spain. It has 600 miles of Atlantic coast. Monforte is situated in the southern interior of Portugal, in a region called Alentejo. Monforte is one of numerous municipalities of Portugal.  The population is 3,329 inhabitants, in an area of 420.25 km². Administratively, the municipality is divided into 4 civil parishes (freguesias): Monforte, Assumar, Santo Aleixo, Vaiamonte.

Picture6The region is a rural area, sparsely populated; it has beautiful landscapes, cork oaks, olive
trees, a very rich wildlife within a pristine environment.

EB23 Monforte School is the headquarters of the municipality school group. There are 400 students, 18 classes and 50 teachers and technicians

Parents come to school to follow student progress and talk with teachers. EB23 Monforte is an eco-friendly school which cares about the environment, trees are planted and students conduct field trips. All classrooms are equipped with computers, Internet and interactive whiteboard

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Agrupamento de Escolas de Monforte

7450-999  Monforte – PORTUGAL


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English Teacher Mrs Carla Costa

Associate Falconer Mr Carlos Crespo