School Fundraising

Сургуулиудад санхүүжүүлэлт олох                      جمع التبرعات للمدارس

Students on ComputersStudents are encouraged to raise funds for their link Mongolian school. Previously, students have taken part in sponsored events, prepared tea parties and sold unwanted items.

This academic year we are encouraging schools to raise money to help pay for internet connection for three Mongolian schools that are presently without access to the web and blog chat.

We hope to raise 700,000MNT (£250, $375) for modems at BayanUnjuul, Bayantsagaan & Zayad Kazakh International School.

Bookocase in TuvshinshireeSFundraising imagetudents from Glyncoed Primary, Wales, raised funds to help install cable internet in Bayan school.

Bookcase in Tuvshinshiree School purchased from money raised by Lyngford Park students in United Kingdom.

Private donations can also be accepted. Contact