Sukhbataar School – Mongolia

Сүхбаатар сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

Chat with Al Muttahida School for Girls & Monforte School

The main goal of our school is: ‘People to prepare that way of life, mental, versatile, confident, kind hearth, creative and happy’. We have 349 students of which 193 are primary students and 156 students are secondary. We also have 27 teachers and 21 staff.The school has 21 courses and 2 clubs, which include song, dancing. Each year, we celebrate a performance calle ‘Egshiglen’. Each Spring the students plant a tree with their teachers.Sukhbaatar School

The school have a self-governors organisation who help to keep the school clean. The school have a dormitory, which houses 80 of our students.