Adaatsag School – Mongolia

Адаацаг сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

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Adaatsag LogoAdaatsag’s first school was built in 1959 and had only 3 teachers to 56 students. Now the school has 14 classes with 300 students, 25 teachers, 3 leader workers, and 50 other staff. In 2009 the school was being run by a historical science doctor and statemans called KH. Nyambuu, and in 2012 the Nyambuu monument was erected. Every year, the school house up to 80 students, 3 teachers, 3 doormen, 1 cleaner in its dormitories.

SchoolThe school: Has its own Anthem; Enjoy basketball, judo, sambo, wrestling, volleyball, running, horse racing, and sport competitions; All teachers and staff as well as senior students have access to the school computers and Internet; Has a play room, which up to 2 students can use during their free time to increase their knowledge


The school have been learning about Saker to understand the benefits of artificial nests. In doing so, students have created some fantastic Powerpoint presentations, pictures, letters, and communicate with Portchester community school in the School Links Programme.