Airag School – Mongolia

Айраг сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

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LogoThe school a total of 25 different classes. Ranging from 12th Grade to 1st grade. It houses 674 students. The upper management Consists  of  4 people our Directory, two managers, and a social worker. There are 35 teachers, 15 other staff.

Airag’s  12yr school has been awarded awards from the Education of ministry.  5 of the classes have been certified, Foreign language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, and three primary classes Mongolian, Mathematics, and Environmental science.

schoolFirst Objective: Person development of our students. Second Objective: Academic achievement and development of other talents. According to these objectives our school offers 25 different types of clubs and after school activities. Such as dance, music, songs clubs, sports clubs, and life skills.  All of these clubs promote creativity and development for our students. The number of students involved in clubs is around 500.

We also composed an analysis of our 1st-12th grade students to asses what talent programs should be implemented at our school. The people involved in the analysis were teachers and students parents.

According to the new book program we are doing a lot of events surrounding it. Such as doing book reports, competing in essay contests about the books, speeches surrounding the material they read and even putting on production of the books them selves.

Our schools students attend and compete in sports competitions: Free wrestling allows our students to express there creativity and talent in a high energy way. There are currently about 30 students; Checkers/Chess Club – It is specifically based on the logical movement and placement of the pieces. It also develops communication skills; The Eco-club, which was founded in 2012 currently has 15 members and one lead