Bayan School – Mongolia

Баян сумын сургууль- Монгол улс

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LogoThe secondary school of Bayan soum was established in 1940, and is named after artist B. Currently the school have 19 teachers and 281 pupils. The school director is Ms. Rentsenhand, the training manager, a mathematician and leader teacher is A. Enkhjargal, and the social mobilizer is D. Khandsuren.

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All the teachers have fulfilled professional training in different subject. And 80% of the teachers have trained at universities and 40 % of the teachers have a degree in their subject including teacher consultant-1, leader teacher 3, teaching methodologist-3, leader teacher in public education-7, gym and sport leader-1, doctorate-1, master teacher-3.

We run our training according to the prepared schedule for different years of student using different training methods including open class and discussion. We also evaluate the training twice in the season. Sections, training clubs, and homework campaigns have been organised. These have resulted to achieve the curriculum standard of 100%, which is a higher percentage of the A and B (42.5%).

Each year we participate in an Annual State Olympiad of different disciplines. This year, our school was awarded 3rd place within the schools of the province. Our Russian teacher Ms Rentsenkhand was awarded 2nd place, Technology teacher Batsaikhan  awarded 2nd place, Gym teacher M.Ganbold awarded 4th place, history and geography teacher Tuul  awarded 5th place, student Solongo (9th grade) awarded 5th place in Russian.

We organised eastern region’s championship name after Mr D.Chuluunsuren. Tsetsgee from 8b class has won gold medal in math, B.Khaliun from 7a class has won silver medal, A.Enkhtulgalag from 9a class has won bronze medal in draughts game.

We received some XO mini laptops according to the program “XO computer for every child” which has been implemented by the government.

In total 256 students are studying. it is 84% of all school age children in the town. 16 students are living in the school dormitory.

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