Bayandelger School – Mongolia

Баяндэлгэр сумын сургууль- Монгол улс

›Our school was established in 1938 with 1 teacher and 20 students in Eastern white stone’ place in Ulaannuur soum. The school lesson term was temporary lesson term in the other hand lesson was taught each whole 3 months in that time. ›First elementary school was established in 1967. But now that school’s activity encouraged then was became Secondary school currently.  School

This year our school has 4 administrators, 45 teachers and 40 staffs and totally 761 students of 31 class. Our school aim is ‘we are educate to students with good knowledge and positive skills’.

Our class has 12 boy and 13 girls and class teacher is Erdenesuvd.Ch, class leader is Amarbat. B. We are leader class by sport and arts as well as culture. Leader students of school study in our class who are Amarbat, Lhagvasauren, Michidmaa, Yanjinlham.