Bayankhutag School – Mongolia

Баянхутаг сумын сургууль- Монгол улс

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Bayankhutag SchBayankhutag soum established in 1931 first time. It locates in Khentii province and bordered by Galshar to the south, Bayanmunkh to the west, Murun and Batnorov cross the Herlen River to the north, and Bayan-Ovoo as well as Munkhkhaan soum of Sukhbaatar province to the east. Total area of Bayankhutag soum is 6029 km square. Highest mountain of in this region is Bayankhutag Mountain with 1580 m and locates in east from soum center which locates far away 353 km from Ulaanbaatar city. People called Bayankhutag soum center by Bayankhutag Mountain.

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Bayankhutag School named after by Mongolian first hero Gongor Shagdar in 2012 and staffs of school created museum of him for education development of students. In 2013-2014 academic year school is going 3 heads, 12 teacher, and 9 service staffs.

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AIM OF SCHOOLS:  Every students will be became healthy, citizen with correctly haunt by competent and kind teachers as well managers. Also all teachers can be work on each students for their how to open themselves ability. Our school students’ participated many festival such as sport and art culture in province. The class students with class teacher Nyamjav awarded first places from art&culture festival’ which called Rainbow and Anemone.