Bayanmunkh School – Mongolia

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Хэнтий аймгийн Баянмөнх сумын сургууль – Монгол улс


To develop best citizen by health, life and learning skills and preference of national culture.


colleagues of Bayanmunkh schoolThe school is established at mountain of Dashbalbar of Setsenkhan province in 1935 with 2 teachers, 25 students, and 2 staffs first time. From since we are going successfully for 84 year till now. School’s first headteacher was Mongolian honored teacher Banzragch. In 1968 school was became secondary school by decision of Education ministry. From now on totally 48 graduation completed our school. Currently school has 206 students, 3 administrators, 14 teachers, 10 service staffs.


  • The many kinds of clubs are going for students such as chess, checker, volleyball, basketball, national wrestling and judo, music, snipping and national pencraft to improve student’s personal skills and abilities.

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  • Many famous people of sports, scientific, singer, political graduated our school and they are working different sectors in Mongolia.
  • The 7a grade with E. Ganjargal class teacher of our school joined to School Links Programme at Artificial Nest Project (ANP) and learning many things from this programme such as birds of prey conservation, falconry and falcons, food chain according educational resources made by biologists. Also we are linking with international school and communicating with teacher and students. We visited artificial nests where on nestled saker falcon, upland buzzard, and common raven and common kestrel with researchers while going monitoring study and learnt about breeding, behavior, study and how those birds to identify from them.

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Whole students are learning to play checker according schedule of Checker’s club in school. Our students usually participate to competition of checker for local and regional areas.

Some of our students got awards from checkers competitions such as G. Duurenbileg got 2nd place of World champion and Asian champion, 1st place from Mongolian and China friendship competition, 8th place of world champion as well as leader student of Mongolia. Photos of Duurenbileg attached in here.