Bayantsagaan School – Mongolia

Баянцагаан сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

Chat with Al Gharbiya School for Boys

LogoBayantsagaan school was established in 1940 as a primary school called Zogsool Jargalant. In 1973, the school became a Secondary School. We currently have 34 classes, 15 teachers, 168 students, and 12 other staff. Our Director (Headteacher) is D. Ulziibayar, and our Manager is D. Regzedmaa.The school have 15 classrooms for our 320 students. We also have one sports room, one library, a centre for child development, a teachers workroom, a school canteen, a training room, one kitchen, and a dormintory, which houses 80 students.Bayantsagaan School aim ‘To became manufacturer of Agriculture and farming’s pure produces’. The school objectives are:School

  • We constitute improvement of the Economical structures
  • We increase workplace and planning it’s location
  • To increase of Sociology’s structure and percent of apartment supply

Students can take part in 18 activities outside of lessons to help improve all abilities.