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LogoOur recent Mission Statement saw over 40 members of our school community take part in a day where we forged the phrase, “Caring and Sharing, Happiness through Learning”. We feel that this encapsulates our school’s approach and values.

We pride ourselves on the rigorous standards set in the classroom by our dedicated, Schoolprofessional staff and feel that the broad curriculum and fun learning experiences we provide, will see your child flourish in our care. We are a school that values each of our children’s unique abilities and endeavors to help them reach their full potential in a nurturing setting. We understand how precious a child’s formative educational experiences are and we try to move them forward every day at a level that is commensurate with their ability, whilst making them a functioning member of a wider community. We also try to never lose sight of the fact that learning should be a joyous experience for the children at this stage of their development and we place great emphasis on parental co-operation and support within our school.

The Hawks were very lucky and got to go and watch the Dragons last match of the season (for free!). The class took part in a competition to explain in one paragraph why our school was the best. Congratulations Laura Huckbody for winning this competition.

Class Two had a highly successful visit from a marine biologist. The children greatly enjoyed the practical activities provided to help them learn about sea life around Wales.

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