Welcome to the School Links Programme
The IAF School Links Programme was established in 2011 to inform local communities about the 5000 artificial nests that had been erected on the Mongolian Steppe. Initially, 20 Mongolian schools were selected to link with international schools. The programme now connects international schools from any country using falconry and bird of prey conservation as a means of introduction. Falconers visit schools with their birds to present the art of falconry and encourage young people to get involved. Students can learn about bird of prey conservation using the resources available on this website and link with students from around the world, communicating through penpal letters, emails and blogs.
Latest News
Six hundred Mongolian students visited artificial nests between 20th May and 6th June 2017. Biologists and falconers explained the sustainable use of saker falcons for falconry, and the problem of electrocution of birds of prey on poorly insulated Mongolian powerlines. All students were taught classroom-based lessons on falconry heritage, food chains, the equipment used in falconry, and how to handle birds of prey. This year, staff travelled with ‘Boorchi’ the Goshawk. Students were keen to learn more about falconry and its Mongolian heritage.

nest field tripclassroom falconkids holding falcon