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LogoJane Fearnley became Head Teacher in January 2004 and feel extremely fortunate to be working alongside such a dedicated team of staff and with a highly supportive body of parents and governors. The school goes from strength to strength and visitors comment on the wonderful atmosphere in school and the high quality of the displays of children’s learning. The school underwent a successful Ofsted Inspection in June 2011 and a summary of the Inspectors’ Report is available from the office on request. In September 2009 we moved into an amazing new building, fit for 21st Century learning. We share this with the Infant School, transition between KS1 and KS2 is therefore seamless.

Herringthorpe SchoolWe are very proud of our school. Within its secure and friendly environment, we work hard to attain high standards of achievement and behaviour. Positive behaviour is the key to success and ensuring the safety and well-being of all the children at Herringthorpe is one of our main aims. Each child is recognised as an individual and as such is valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential. We also encourage our children to care for each other and the environment.

As parents, your role within your child’s education is vital. Children are more likely to do well if there is a strong commitment from home and school for mutual support and open communication. We place a high value on developing a close relationship with parents and carers, so that we can effectively work together to achieve the best for each child. As your child enters Key Stage 2 education, many of you may be wondering what can be done in school and at home to help your child acquire skills, knowledge and understanding and prepare them for the next stage in their education.

School contact: http://herringthorpejuniors.com/