Ikhkhet School – Mongolia

Иххэт сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

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LogoIkhkhet soum of Dornogovi province

Ikhkhet is a soum of Dornogovi province locates 162 km far away from Sainshand and 360 km from Ulaanbaatar city.  This soum’s human population is 2144 and soum divided 3 groups. Our soum has one school with 410 seats, one dormitory with 60 beds, one hospital with 12 beds, one kindergarden with 100 beds and one cultural center with 180 seats.



The following famous people of Mongolia born in Ikhkhet soum:

  • Gungaadorj Sharav (1935) — statesman lapsed roving prime minister.
  • Tseveenrdan Nyandag (1950-1992) — Mongolian state honored actor.
  • Gurbazar Shagdarsuren (1955) — Journalist, poet.
  • Danzanvaanchig Dash (1918- 1981) – Hero of Mongolia
  • Uhnaa Danzanvaanchig – Honored of cultural.
  • Yandaa Batjargal – Wrestler of Mongolia and winner of  Naadam festival.

7a grade with class teacher Bayarsaikhan

Currently school has 18 classes with 350 students, 42 teachers, 16 cabinets, sport, cultural and dinning halls, library and computer rooms, hall of honored Danzanvaanchig, dormitory with 60 students’ capacity and development center of teachers. School was being run by hero of Mongolia called Dashvaanchig and in Dashvaanchig monument was erected front of school.

School dormitory is comfortable to live students in there which has good living room, library, sport room, shower room and cultural cabinet.

We established ‘Enlightenment center’ lifelong education at the school to give life skills training to local people and other whole ages.

Also many kinds of clubs are going in school to improve students’ ability and learning skills such as chess, song, dancing, volleyball, folk song, hand paper made etc.

Our class has 21 students (18 girls and 14 boys). We awarded leader class of school in 2013-2014 and get consecrations from administrator of  Ikhkhet soum, awarded 3rd place of school’s cultural competition of secondary class and first place of green white liner. Our class students are friendly and talented as well as successful learning to achieve one’s goals.