Information for falconers

10505311_10203531370821400_8599066756418442710_nThe school links programme aims to give students an introduction to falconry and widen their knowledge of worldwide falcon conservation programmes. Established in 2011 as part of the Mongolian artificial nest project, the programme currently links thirty eight schools in nine different countries.

The school links is open to schools in all countries and aimed at students aged nine to fourteen. We have found that this programme is more successful if a local falconer is involved and welcome new falconers to join the project.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved

10410344_834352513241753_522457794470335267_nEducational Resources

Educational resources have been created on falconry and falcon conservation. If you have any video footage or text written on falconry and falcon related topics and are happy for us to use them as part of this programme, please let us know.

Implementing the programme

Falconers currently involved in the programme support teachers by visiting the school and giving expert knowledge about falconry. Some falconers take their birds into school and give displays.

This is an international programme incorporating schools with varied curriculums and aims, the delivery has to be flexible and thus there is no set way to teach or implement the project.

1459049_688690464499215_732267831_n (2)Facebook Group

A Facebook group closed page is used for teachers, falconers and administrators to share information, ideas and examples of student workers. Once accepted onto the programme you will be asked to join this group.

Facebook Page shows photographs, students work and events.