Information for parents

10521936_770874576306978_1070485070164687750_nThe school links programme will give your child the opportunity to learn about falconry and falcon conservation programmes.

This is an international programme incorporating schools from nine countries at present. Your child’s school will be linked to a school in Mongolia and possibly another country.

Student Correspondence

Five students will be selected from each school to become pen pals with students in their link school. An introduction letter will be written in English and using google translate, or similar translation program, translated into their pen pals native language.

Following the introduction letter, students can email their pen pals directly using their school email address. Blogs are being created between twinned schools, only accessible in school time and only visible to the students and teachers with access to the blog. We hope that this technology will encourage frequent correspondence.

10338272_641193825965045_5444810930863397076_nWe envisage that as the friendships develop between pen pals, students will find their own way to communicate using smart phones, social media or similar outside school time.

Educational Resources

To see the educational resources created for this programme please look at the resources section of this website. Your child will be taught some or all of the topics as part of this programme.

Implementing the programme

Teachers and school staff will decide how to deliver the programme. They may welcome parent help to run a lunchtime or after school club. If you are interested in helping with the programme, please contact your child’s school directly to offer your support. If your child’s school is not interested in becoming a link school, you can help teach your child about falconry and falcon conservation by downloading the resources and working at home.

10505311_10203531370821400_8599066756418442710_nFacebook Page shows photographs, students work and events.  Students photographs will not be displayed on this page unless parents have signed the E-safety consent form (download form) This page will only state the school when referring to students work or images, names of individual students will not be displayed on this page.

Download E-Consent Form