Information for students

10609724_685784458172648_4491949179165573246_nIf you would like to learn something new and become friends with a person in another country, the school link programme is for you J The project links schools all over the world, helping students share culture and local knowledge.

Students in the link learn about falcons, falconry and falcon conservation programmes. If you are interested in birds, nature, science or how people live in other countries, you will enjoy this programme.

If you would like to join the programme, show this website to your teacher or contact us directly.

Student Correspondence

Students will be selected from each school to become pen pals with students in their link school. You will be asked to write an introduction letter in English and use a translation program to translate the letter into your pen pals native language. Following the introduction letter, you can email pen pals directly using your school email address.

2nd placeSchool links blogs are accessible in school time to enable frequent correspondence with your link school. We envisage that as friendships grow students will find their own way to communicate with their pen pal using smart phones and social media outside school time.

Students will be asked to create a PowerPoint about their school and town, the link school will do the same and completed PowerPoints will be exchanged. We encourage students to engage as much as possible with their link school by sending written work, drawing, photographs and film.

Educational Resources

Please look at the resources section of this website to see what will be taught as part of this programme. Please note: you do not have to be part of the school links programme to use the resources, simply download the PowerPoints and student worksheet for each topic and learn all about falcons, falconry and worldwide falcon conservation projects from home.

10277455_834352626575075_8850629937572830642_nFacebook Page & Website shows photographs, students work and events.  Students photographs will not be displayed on this page unless parents have signed the E-safety consent form (download form) The Facebook page will only state the school when referring to students work or images, names of individual students will not be displayed on the Facebook page or the website.

Each school in the link has its own page on the school links website. This is where student’s PowerPoints, artwork and topic related work will be displayed.