Khalzan School – Mongolia

Халзан сумын сургууль, Монгол улс

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schoolSchool of Khalzan soum established on 5th of October in 1994 first time and named after by lapsed Mongolian minister is Jigjidjav Tsengelt. In this academic year 2015-2016 school has directing staffs-17, other staffs -24, and 8 classes’ with154 students. Most of the teachers high experienced and degreed for Master, Methodist.

Currently school has some cabinets which are Mongolian language, mathematic, and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as well as some clubs are song, dance, and some sports.

Khalzan Main 1 Khalzan Main 2 Khalzan Main 3

Students really enjoy to going to those clubs and most of students participate for some competitions of sport. Especially students of secondary and primer grades more active to participate for chess and checker’s competitions. Every year we play performances for parents and people of soum to come and watch.

Khalzan Main 4 Khalzan Main 5 Khalzan Main 6