School Fundraising

Сургуулиудад санхүүжүүлэлт олох                      جمع التبرعات للمدارس

Students on Computers

Students are encouraged to raise funds for their link Mongolian School. Previously, students have taken part in sponsored events, prepared tea parties and sold unwanted items.

Every year we are encouraging schools to raise money to help pay for internet connection for the some local Mongolian schools that are presently without access to the web and blog chat.

Here is introducing the kind fundraising example:  Students from Glyncoed Primary, Wales, raised funds to help install cable internet in Bayan School, Mongolia.  Bookcase in Tuvshinshiree School, Mongolia purchased from money raised by Lyngford Park students in United Kingdom.

Bookocase in TuvshinshireeDONATIONS

The IAF School links programme organize field trips and bird watching events for the young people during the migration season, breeding time, and winter time around the city as well. Every year, over 700 students participate the events. In addition, some undergraduate and senior students help to us for some activities of the programme at the office and class. Those such activities need the following equipments for activities of the programme at the class and field.

Bird watching equipment: Binoculars, telescopes, GPS, tripot, bird net, bird banding equipment, camera, lens, bird guide books etc.

Fundraising imageElectronic equipment: lap top, computer, printer, scanner, canon etc. and any equipment for the class and office.

Equipment for Falconry: Glove, lure, knot, bell, hood, permanent knot, jess, perch and any equipment relate with falconry lesson and birds of prey etc.

Please be sure that all equipment donations are working normally and that they have all parts necessary to use them correctly.

If you have above items you wish to donate and private donations can also be accepted. Please contact us via the following email.;;

Thank you very much for your kind donations and fundraising activities.