Sneem School – Ireland

Sneem is a small village located in County Kerry, Ireland. The Irish for Sneem is an t-Snaidhm which means “The knot” in English because Sneem is split into two parts and is connected by the Sneem Bridge and is said to look like a knot. In 2000 a time capsule was buried in Sneem, to be opened in 2100. There is lots of beautiful scenery in Sneem including The Sneem River, The Garden of Senses, The Pyramids, The Church and lots more. Sneem has lots of pubs and restaurants including, Dan Murphy’s, Rineys, the Blue bull, D o’Sheas, The Sacre couer and much more.

Steve “The Crusher” Casey was a famous wrestler. He grew up in Loughane (which is a place in Sneem) with his family. He died the 10 of January, 1987. There is a pub called the wrestlers in memory of Steve. The former French president (Charles De Gaulle) visited Sneem a few times and there is memorial of him in Sneem. There is a monument of a panda in Sneem also. Is represents Cearbhaill (cow-ru) O’ Dalaigh (doll-egg). It was given by China to show friendship between Sneem and China.

The Sneem Summer Festival is a festival held in July every year. The festival has rides, shows, barbecues and much more! The Sneem Storytelling Festival is a festival where people come from all over the world to tell stories and hear stories! We have our own storyteller and he comes to our school to tell stories! The Irish for storyteller is seanchai!

St. Patricks is a famous festival celebrated in Sneem. There is a big parade around Sneem and our school takes part in the parade. People bring their stalls to Sneem and sell stuff. Children have silly spray wars and pellet gun wars

In our school there are 6 teachers. There is a teacher in every class room and there is an S.N.A in every class room as well. The teachers are Mr. Hussey, Mr Morley, Mrs Dignam, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Murphy and Mrs O Sullivan. One of our teachers is a Kerry footballer.

There are 7 rooms in our school. There are 2 resource rooms, 1 art room, a P.E room and 3 main class rooms. There is a junior, a middle room and a senior room. The art, P.E and 1 of the resource rooms were main class rooms. The resource, the art and the P.E rooms are part of the old school.

In 2015 4th, 5th and 6th class published a book called “A Step Back In Time”. We interviewed our grandparents about their childhood. We enjoyed it very much. We also launched the book in our local hotel. It was a great night. The book was a great successes.

There are 70 students in our school. There are 3 classrooms. In the first classroom there are juniors and seniors their teacher is Mrs. Murphy. In the second classroom there is 1st 2nd 3rd their teacher is Mr. Morley. In the third classroom there is 4th 5th and 6th their teacher is Mr.Hussey.

In 2015 our school turned 50 years old. The pupils in our School brought in old photos from 50 years ago and we showcased them in our School. The Teachers, Parents and S.N.As in our School had a celebration night in our local Hotel.