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St Martinus сургууль – Нидерланд улс

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LogoThe Mongolian Artificial Nest project

We are children from grade 7 and 8 and are participating in this international project.  In Mongolia, the saker falcons are protected in a special way. Our class connected in this project together with other schools around the world. We are going to take classes and tell each other about the culture, traditions and customs of our country. Tula Stapert (Falconer) tells us all about the falcons. During the lessons often brings in her falcon. At the end of the first lesson we have learned a lot about the falcon we were commissioned to create a collage about the raptor species in the Netherlands. These collages Tula has taken into Abu Dhabi to falconry festival. A lot of the lessons we be in English. So there is much for us to practice. Below pictures of our first lesson with falcon Shakira.

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Mission and vision

Learning is reflected in numerous situations and in many places. In particular, where people meet.  A school is such a meeting place.  A challenging, quiet, safe and trusted environment for children and teachers. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge for us, skills and attitudes that contribute to the development of children. A particular basic knowledge of various subjects helps them to better understand the world.


An “environment school with good opportunities where there is a continuous pedagogical line. Where education comes about in an open culture where the emphasis is on pro-activity and mutual cooperation.


Educational – From a relationship to  come to tailored made education, where the teacher responds to the different skills of learning of the child. Pedagogic – Every man should be himself, on that basis, their own choices, where balance is found between himself and the other. Philosophical – Different philosophical views meet each other in a Catholic school, whereby knowledge is created in addition to the experience from the Catholic tradition with each other Ideas from other philosophical perspectives and where respect is the key word