Tuvshinshiree School – Mongolia

Түвшинширээ сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

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schoolThis school was established with 1 teacher, 25 students, and 2 yurts in Black head area of Tuvshinshiree soum in 1935 first time. After that, school became secondary school in 1975, also named after by Maam in 1996 who is scientist, author, emeritus and local person of Tuvshinshiree soum.

At Tuvshinsihiree the lessons have been delivered to a class of 12 years old students. The students are preparing materials to send to their link school and they have displayed the information about Lyngford Park Primary on their school notice board. They would like to exchange knowledge and learn more about the area where Lyngford Park Primary is situated.

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Only our school from other school of Sukhbaatar province become to teach for students by morning shift. It provides to go clubs such as sports, art and doing homework at class for students according schedule. We have 9 cabinets with permission and will become additional 3 cabinets as soon. School has dormitory to live students whose family live in countryside or far away from soum center.

Our school became to chosen one of Eco 4 Schools from whole Mongolia organized by project of stable management of desertification to decrease. Those schools should be educated about ecology and environmental for students and challenging them to protect nature. According this activity, we planted 250 trees and seed of grass for 48-meter square as well as created flowerbeds for 38 meter square at the school area. We also organize festival of 6000 flowers at the school every year.

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