Uulbayan School – Mongolia

Уулбаян сумын сургууль – Монгол улс

The Republic of Uzbekistan State School

LogoThis school was established with named “People’s elementary school” totally 60 students in 2 class at 1940, in today these school developed 22 teacher, 3 manager, 20 customer service, 305 students.

All teachers 60.8% have mastership and Methodist degree, 11 certificated cabinet. Also around 80 students to get involved 9 type club. Our school was ranked 2nd of all school of Sukhbaatar province in 2011-2012 academic year.School

Our aim is ‘From creative teacher-creative collective’, and our objectives are

  • Quality education for standard of elementary and secondary schools
  • Students will be venerating Mongolian tradition, comply for activity, will be citizen to be priding motherland
  • Protecting health of students, usually involve medical examination

Our school to functioning with 1 director, 1 school manager, 1 social manager, 22 teacher, 18 worker, 305 students in this academic year.

The last academic year, our teachers improved their knowledge, such us, 14 teacher in centrally training, 9 teacher in region training, 21 teacher in local training and after the training present course arranged training in school.

We doing lot of competition for improving students knowledge such us, “Question-Answer-Question”, “Golden bell”, “We can”,  “Pyramid” “Knowing Mongolian Secret History” “Correct writer” etc.

Our school trying to will be “Eco school” from 2012. Out schools Eco committee done “500 flower festival”, “Making product by trash”